Monday, June 10, 2013

zoo…check that off our list

I kind of feel like today is the first day of summer break. Camp Invention ended on Friday…boy was that an exhausting (and rewarding) week! We’ve had extremely mild temps lately. Until today. Yep, summer is here. And today we decided to go to the zoo.

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We pretty much just take pictures of Delaney with every statue in the zoo. I guess we’ll be able to watch how she’s grown by comparing zoo statue pictures over the years.

Now let’s talk phobias. Cynophobia is the fear of dogs. And Delaney has it. She doesn’t even want to go outside unless we check to make sure there are no dogs running around the neighborhood. She’s never had a bad experience with a dog or other animal. In fact, we had Buzz, a huge yellow lab for the first 3 years of her life. So we have no idea where this phobia came from.

Today at the zoo, this fear of dogs evolved into a fear of any animal not in a cage, including geese, ducks and birds. She could barely look at the zoo animals because she was too busy looking over her shoulder to make sure the Canadian geese weren’t following her.

As if the whole zoo trip wasn’t traumatizing enough, we went to Lowe’s afterwards and a lady was carrying her dog into the store. Mind you, this was a little dog, but to Delaney, it may as well have been a barking and growling pit bull. Poor kid. I hope she gets over these fears and anxiety soon. Her little fingernails can’t take much more of her nervousness.

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