Tuesday, June 4, 2013

empty nests

On Saturday, two of my babies left our safe nest and headed out into the great big world. Allison flew to Costa Rica with the Spanish Club from high school. Now that’s what I call a field trip!!! She will be home Monday, only to leave again for dance camp in Kansas City for 4 days.

Photo 1

This a picture from instagram. Lucky girl!!

Bri also headed out on Saturday morning. She is on a musical mission trip with the youth group from church. They will go to New York, Pennsylvania, DC, Massachusetts, Maine, and more. These kids are sharing the gospel through drama and songs and will also do some mission work along the way. She will be home a week from Saturday. I’m looking forward to my babies getting safely back to our nest.

Photo 2

Speaking of nests…


My mom found this on her front porch…looking at her through the window! Aaack!!!!! There is a nest in the decoration hanging on the side of her house. The nest did have 2 baby birds. I noticed this weekend they were gone and thought they must have flown away. Now I’m thinking they may have been dinner for Mr. Snake and he was coming back for seconds. :(

In other news, our little bike rider flies all over the neighborhood like she’s been riding her whole life! Today I even had to suggest that riding her bike while playing games on the iPod are probably not the best idea.

Jeremy and I have been busy this week with Camp Invention, a week-long summer program which focuses on science, math, engineering and technology skills. I’m co-director of the camp and Jeremy is one of our four instructors. This year we have 62 6-11 year olds at Camp Invention. It’s been fun, but super busy. I’ll be glad to have my lazy days of summer back next week!

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