Sunday, June 24, 2012

delaney’s garden…complete

I think I’m finally finished with Delaney’s garden. I may add a few more things here and there and I plan to add to it next year. But for the most part, I’m done!

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We had some issues with our stepping stone, so we’ll probably replace that sometime. I didn’t get the glass pushed down into the cement. Lesson learned!

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The lightening bugs in this jar will light up if you flip a switch. Perfect for an evening garden party! I found that orange pot out in our shed and I spray painted it.


Another spray painted pot. For both of these large pots, I bought a hanging basket on sale and set it in the pot. So much easier (and cheaper) than planting flowers in a large pot!


This is the picket fence gate that I found last weekend. I would like to find something to hang on it, like a little garden sign or something. The table is a painted pot turned upside down. I picked up a plate at Dollar General to top it off.


So that’s it!

P.S. I’m still battling the poison ivy out there. It’s mostly up by the fence behind the orange potted flowers. And I’m diligently spraying them with Round-Up.

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