Tuesday, February 14, 2012

feel the love…v-day 2012

This is the first year for Delaney to have a Valentine’s Party at school. So we worked hard this weekend to get Valentine cards prepared. I could have been one of those moms and made some fancy Valentines like the ones I’ve been seeing on pinterest. Like this:


or this:


But let’s face it. If we keep the expectations low from the beginning, no one is disappointed!! So we did Princess Valentines from Walmart and Delaney signed a “D” and I wrote the rest. Easy Peasy.


Then she decided to make a Valentine for me. And she actually wrote “mom” without any help other than me telling her the letters to write. The reason this is so remarkable is she has been extremely stubborn about writing up to this point. In fact, this was the first time I was even able to convince her to write a D. So I was pretty impressed with the results!


So what if it’s upside down. I think it’s beautiful!!

Sadly, this morning Delaney was throwing up and had to miss her big Valentine Party. Boo!!

Even though pinterest wasn’t my go to place for Valentine cards, I did actually get a couple of other ideas for Valentine’s Day.


This is the candy bouquet I made for Jeremy.

And after our Papa Murphy’s heart-shaped pizza, we’ll enjoy these little morsels of yumminess:


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