Monday, January 30, 2012

weekend recap

On Friday evening, I took Delaney downtown to see the movie We Bought a Zoo. Prior to our arrival at the theater, I had a very serious conversation with Delaney about movie theater etiquette. Because she has been known to have trouble sitting still at the movie and wanting to try out the bathrooms about 10 million times. I took care of that by telling her the bathrooms were broken. But about halfway through the movie, she quietly leaned over and asked, “Do they have bathrooms?” So I gave in and told her she could only go once. We made it through the movie with only a couple of mishaps (tipped over drink…by what do you expect? They don’t have cup holders attached to the chairs!) and a few spilled popcorn kernels. All in all it was a successful night out and I’m looking forward to taking her to another movie in the future.

Saturday night was Jeremy’s monthly poker game at our house, so the kids and I, along with Molly, Hayden, Tucker and Scott hung out at my parents’ house. I forgot to take my camera, so these horrible phone pics will have to suffice for today. Normally my phone takes excellent pictures, but I think it was too dark and the result is glowing eyes.


IMAG0572IMAG0581IMAG0582IMAG0585IMAG0588IMAG0592IMAG0595 (1)

On Sunday I went to the Y with a friend for a Turbo Kick class. We had gone to one on Wednesday evening and could barely move the next day. But we were willing to do it again. Then after our class, we ran into another friend who was going to a Zumba class, so we stayed and did that one too. If only my body would start to show my hard work. I guess if I laid off the cookies and junk food, that would help!

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