Monday, February 20, 2012

a day off with delaney

Today we had a rare treat…a day off from work! Nate’s nurse was coming to work, so we wanted to take advantage of the opportunity to do something fun with the girls. Of course, there was only girl at our house willing to do something fun with us! It was too windy and chilly to go to the zoo, so we decided to go to Exploration Place, a hands-on children’s science museum in Wichita.

IMAG0624 IMAG0625

This Kansas girl is no farm girl. But she liked the novelty of milking a cow. With a mechanical milking machine. And the fact that the cow is fake helped. A lot!


Experiencing the wind of a tornado.

IMAG0637 IMAG0635

Building a dam with dad.



Flying an airplane. Her great-uncle Craig would be so proud!


 IMAG0660 IMAG0662

And her favorite thing…playing in the kitchen. Nothing like paying big bucks to go somewhere else and do things you do everyday at home!

They also had a traveling exhibit about geocaching. You use a gps to find caches that other people have left behind and registered on a website. There are caches hidden all around the world. I think this would be a fun thing to do as a family. I always have big ideas that we never seem to do. Perhaps someday.

Happy President’s Day! Happy day off of work!!!

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