Sunday, December 4, 2011

our sweet little angel

Tonight was our children’s Christmas program at church.


The preschoolers were lambs in the program.


Delaney can be a terror at home, but for other people, she’s usually pretty well-behaved. Thank goodness! But I would never call her an angel. Except for tonight.


Delaney was the angel in the manger scene. She took her role very seriously!


Following the program, we had our annual church Christmas dinner. And at the end of the dinner, the preschoolers sang a few songs.


Delaney was not quite so angelic at this point. We had been at church for almost 3 1/2 hours with no nap and she was tired! Even though she knew the words to all the songs, she hardly sang. And to top it off, the fur on the bottom of her dress had flipped up, which made her dress too short. She may have even pulled up her dress to expose her undies. Very un-angelic!



But there were several other kiddos who made up for Delaney’s silence. The kids did a great job!


Dexter, Day 11:


Hanging out in the Littlest Pet Shop.

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