Tuesday, December 6, 2011

bedtime could be a little tricky tonight

Every morning our routine has become:

1. Eat the advent chocolate (yes, before breakfast).
2. Look for Dexter.
3. Open the advent gift.

Delaney likes routines. And she has been very excited to go out and search for Dexter every morning. And search for the correct number on the advent gift. Today she was not so excited to find where Dexter was hanging out.

Dexter, Day 13:


This is a shelf in Delaney’s room. You might think she is concerned about Dexter’s cross-dressing habits. However, the thing that upset her the most was the fact that Dexter is IN her room. The first thing she said shouted was, “I can’t sleep in my room tonight!”

Can’t wait to see how bedtime goes tonight! And now hopefully Dexter knows to stay out of Delaney’s bedroom!


Dexter, Day 12:


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