Sunday, November 6, 2011

an update on nate

I was finally able to upload the picture of Nate and his nurse on Halloween.


We had conferences a couple of weeks ago and got a great report. It’s really amazing what Nate can do. He’s able to identify the sound of words and word combinations when given 2 choices. He can identify rhyming words. And he is taking Accelerated Reader tests (comprehension quizzes) over books that have been read to him and doing quite well. He’s gotten a 60% and an 80% and the rest have been 100%. All these things were pretty exciting to hear about!

Medically, it’s been a rough year. Nate’s not ever really been himself since his hospitalizations last spring. He continues to need oxygen at night. And now he’s started having more frequent seizures. He had an MRI on Friday, so we may have some answers this week. Or we may not know anything and they will just put him on a second seizure medication and we’ll have to accept that this is his new “normal.”

So that’s the latest on Nate. Our brilliant 8 year old boy.

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