Sunday, November 27, 2011

holiday weekend

I love long weekends. And staying in my pj’s until afternoon. Yesterday was one of those days. I did in fact stay in my pj’s a good part of the day. But I was working hard. Decorating. Jeremy pulled the trees out of the attic.  And he carried boxes of decorations upstairs. And helped put the lights and garland on the living room tree. But the rest was pretty much left up to me. My once eager girls are no longer interested in decking the halls. I suppose the teen years will do that to a kid. Fortunately though, I still have one eager child.



There really is a sweet little face under that mop of hair.

I’m glad I have a helper for a few more years!


Dexter, Day 4:


Looks like Dexter is also enjoying the weekend!

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