Wednesday, November 16, 2011

busy busy busy

Sometimes I don’t know where my days go. I feel like the past week has just flown by and I realized I may have left you hanging a bit with Nate’s update. Sorry about that.

Last Wednesday Jeremy got a call from the neurologist’s nurse and she gave him the radiologist’s report from Nate’s MRI. She told him the brain stem looked fine and there was an arachnoid cyst. We did a little investigating on Dr. Google (not always the best plan) and were thinking this was probably the cause of the seizures. Then on Thursday, they called and asked us to come in to see the doctor and the PA (we normally see the PA). We were a little freaked out by this point.

The doctor went over the MRI with us and said they saw no changes since the last one in 2004. There is no fluid build up and no concerns. So we asked about the cyst and he informed us that it was an incidental finding that he wasn’t going to even report. Apparently it has always been there and hasn’t changed and isn’t causing any problems. Whew…relief!!!

Nate actually hasn’t had anymore seizures since the last one a few weeks ago and no more oxygen desats at night (knock on wood). The doctor’s biggest concern is that Nate’s left pupil remains dilated significantly more than the right. The doctor thinks this may be caused by a medication, but at this time we aren’t going to worry much about it.

So that sums up Nate’s life for now.

Last week Allison performed in a Dance Team Showcase and they did an awesome drumline routine, if I do say so myself. If I can figure it out, I’ll post it here soon.

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