Saturday, October 16, 2010

sprucing up

At first glance, this picture probably looks like it came from an episode of Hoarders. It didn’t. It’s Nate’s [not so able to walk in] walk-in closet.


We have supplies delivered to the house a couple of times a month and when life gets busy, we end up tossing things into the closet, with the intent of putting it away later. I guess later was today.


See? He does actually have some clothes in that closet. It was just nearly impossible to get to them. But after a couple of hours, we went from the above picture, to this:



Every time Nate goes to the hospital, they give him one of these pillows. We’ve thrown some away, the girls have taken some, and we’ve left some at the hospital. I think we have plenty!!!


I knew there was a floor in there. And I didn’t need a clean up crew to help me find it. I’m not a hoarder. Sometimes my house just looks like it.

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