Friday, October 22, 2010

some recent projects

I have been a real blog slacker lately. But between sewing projects, parent-teacher conferences and doctor’s appointments, who has time to sit at the computer?

Today I have the day off. My reward for working two 12 hour days in a row. A much needed break! So I finally have a little time to post and share a few of my sewing projects from this month:



We had a baby shower for two of my co-workers. Janae was born a few weeks ago. And Rue is expected next month.


Nate has been in desperate need of new bibs to catch the drool. His nurse said it was like Christmas when she arrived after the weekend and found 3 new bibs. I’ll work on a few more this weekend.




So even though you haven’t seen me on Blogger, I’ve been around.

Today I’m enjoying the fall morning, lounging in my pj’s. And ignoring my kids, just long enough to write this post.

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