Monday, October 25, 2010

move over mrs. duggar

Today after school, our friends’ kids came over to hang out until their parents got home from a weekend trip away. Their flight ended up being delayed and so the kids’ stay with us was extended by a few hours. And that left me with (count them) 8 kids! I know that’s only like a third of what the Duggars have. But still, it’s twice as many as I’m used to.

And even with 8 kids under my supervision, I managed to cook dinner (spaghetti, garlic bread and tossed salad), pick up a kid from the high school after dance practice, pick up a kid from the middle school after a Scholar’s Bowl meet, make sure 6 kids got bathed, practice spelling words (their teacher, me, requires that for extra credit) and help another kid edit and type a paper for English. Whew. Talk about a busy night. But I survived. And so did they.

The key is having older kids [who are willing] to help out with the younger ones. The twins entertained Delaney while I fixed dinner. And they even read her a bedtime story.



So take that Michelle Duggar. I think I hear a reality show calling my name!

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  1. I can send my kids over if you need more kids to add to your mix...and I know others who would do the same. LOL.