Saturday, October 17, 2009

wedding rehearsal and reception

Scott and Erika's rehearsal dinner was in my mom and dad's backyard.
I helped with some of the cooking. But mostly was just there for moral support.
Yes, it was a little chilly.
But nothing a sweatshirt couldn't take care of.

In addition to providing moral support, I did decorate these cookies.

We served three pasta dishes, caesar salad, garlic bread and of course, cheese pizza.

The tables were set up in the yard and candles lined the deck. It was so festive!!


I didn't take my camera to the wedding. I decided I wanted to enjoy talking to people and not spend the whole evening taking pictures.
Then I was sorry about my decision.
But I did swipe a few pictures from Erika's facebook album to share on here. Hope you don't mind, Erika!!
Just want to share a few pictures of the family (or some of the family).

And in case you were wondering, this guy is NOT part of our family. You may think we have some weirdos in our family, but he isn't one of them!!

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