Sunday, October 18, 2009

pumpkin patch 2009

We took the girls to the pumpkin patch.
Trying to make memories.
We'll definitely remember the wind!
And the mud.
And hopefully we'll remember some of the fun things we saw!

Like all the pumpkins.

And the gourds.

And corn.

And more gourds. They were Delaney's favorite thing!! Perfect for little hands!

And there were lots of fun things to do.
Like ride the horse swing.

And the teeter totter.

And walk through the corn maze.

And see the ducks swimming and bathing in the pond.

And head off with daddy to go down the gigantic slide.

And check out all the pumpkins.

And wheelbarrows full of gourds.

And see the wagons full of gourds. Did I mention that gourds were her favorite?

And ride on a hay rack pulled by a tractor.

And scour the pumpkin patch looking for that perfect pumpkin!

Yes, we had a nice time. Despite the wind. And the mud.

And despite the grumpy moods. (Just toward the end.)

Delaney was worn out by the end.
All that running around.
And seeing new things.
And making memories!!

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