Monday, October 26, 2009

conversation between two middle-schoolers

Last week Allison was sent home from school with a cough and fever. With all the hype of swine flu, the school has kids wear a mask if they have symptoms.

While waiting in an isolation room, wearing her mask, Allison had a funny conversation with a [presumed] sixth grade boy.

boy: Soooo, you have a fever, huh?

A: Yes. [Duh]

boy: Do you have any hobbies?

A: Well I'm a cheerleader.

boy: I like video games and reading.

A: Oh.

boy: Where do you live?

A: [worried that he might be a stalker] I live by Ewalt.

boy: Oh. I live by Robinson.

boy: Who's coming to get you?

A: My grandma.

boy: Where does your grandma live?

A: In Country Hills.

boy: My grandma lives in El Dorado. So does my dad.

And on and on with more small talk. Which I think is kind of nice because kids these days don't know how to make small talk. They barely know how to have a live conversation. Sure they can text. And email. And message. And facebook. But talk? Not so much.

Oh, and Allison is all better now. She still has a cough, but her fever never came back.
Thank goodness, we've dodged the pigs, at least for now!

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