Wednesday, October 28, 2009

halloween sneak peek...harvest party

We decided to get our money's worth out of Delaney's Halloween costume (they are such a rip-off!!) and take her to our church Harvest Party. I hadn't been since Bri and Alli were trick or treating age, and boy have I been missing a happenin' party the past few years!!

So since Little Missy was all dressed up in her costume, I took a few pictures. Like I said, I want to get my money's worth!

When we got to the church, Delaney had a major meltdown! It was way too crowded for her taste. And too noisy. So she was only happy if we held her.
We finally resorted to candy bribes in order to get her off my hip. Hence the dum dum stick in each of the following pictures.
Such good parents are we!!

The cutest little bugs in town!

We didn't win any cakes. Or door prizes. But Delaney got her fill of dum dums and has now learned the true reward of Halloween!


  1. Your pictures turned out great! My pic of the two little bugs didn't turn out so good...bummer. I hope she had fun...she looked adorable.

  2. I LOVE her! Kaylee was a ladybug last year, and I think it's one of the cutest things to dress little girls up as. Glad your dum dum bribes worked. She looks very happy with her sucker. So stinking cute. :)

  3. Cute pictures! So glad you were able to come out to the Harvest Party!