Monday, August 12, 2013

back to school…here we come

I finally almost have my classroom ready for kids to arrive. There’s always a never ending to-do list. But the most important things are complete. Here’s a little peek at my classroom:

Photo 12Photo 13 

I decided to go with a “Rockstar” them this year. I thought it would be fun for boys and girls and not too juvenile for 3rd graders. This is outside of my classroom.

Photo 6

This is my whole group area for mini-lessons and class meetings.

Photo 2  Photo 4

I gave this lamp a quick makeover this summer. I spray painted the base with paint I had in the shed. And covered the shade with fabric left over from Bri’s grad party.

Photo 5  

This is my behavior chart. The students move up or down depending on their behavior. In the past I used clothespins but decided to try it with magnets instead. If the kids continue to move up the chart, they can go “off the chart”. I have a star for them to autograph when the go off the chart.

Photo 9

This is my embarrassingly lame bulletin board. Once we get some cute artwork complete, I’ll hang it here.

Photo 8 Photo 10 

This will be for our birthdays. I’ll take a group picture for each month and hang on the poster. It was a pain to make and I’m a bit disappointed in how it turned out. Hopefully the kids’ pictures will “cuten” it up!

Photo 11

Ignore the piles!

Photo 7 

That pretty much covers my classroom tour. I may have a few more pictures in another day or so.


Photo 1

Nate’s all set for school with some brand-new undershirts. His Nana and Papa Bowman bought him these for his birthday, but they were a bit small. After lots of trouble, she was able to get them exchanged and they just came in today. They are basically a onesie, which Nate needs to keep his pants up. But a onesie makes tube feeding difficult, so they have little “tummy tunnels” for easier access. I just had to iron on the patch and cut out the opening on the shirt.

Photo 3

It’s the little things, like onesies for big kids, that make life so much easier for life with Nate!

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  1. I love your classroom! My son is going to love it, too :).