Thursday, September 19, 2013

a very, very long overdue update

The time has flown since school started. I can’t believe I haven’t posted on here in over a month! Here’s a little taste of life at our house over the past few weeks:

Jeremy – I am no longer the only 39 year old in our house. Jeremy turned 39 yesterday. We went out to dinner at the local Mexican restaurant and had ice cream cake for dessert. I bought him a Dyson vacuum and he loves it. And I love that he gets excited about cleaning the floors!

Me – I’m having a great year at school. It’s been busy. I have a student teacher in my classroom and a new grade level partner. They are both great and I love working with them. I’m also a building advisor for new teachers, which takes me out of the classroom quite a bit. Overall, it’s a super year!

Bri – She started college at Butler Community College and is doing well (as far as we know). She seems to like it.

Allison – She’s on the dance team again and a senior. She’s taking 8 hours for college credit so it’s a pretty difficult year.

Nate – Nate’s in 4th grade. A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that his ankle was very swollen. I feared that it might be broken, so I took him into his doctor. The doctor thought it might be a fracture or a blood clot, so sent us to the hospital for x-rays and possible sonogram of the veins, if necessary. He also checked Nate’s ears, per our request, and found that his right ear was infected. After a nice, lengthy wait in hospital admissions and then in radiology, they finally called us back for an x-ray and we quickly found that his leg was in fact broken. He had a buckle fracture on both his tibia and fibula. They called our doctor with results and then we headed back to our doctor’s office where they put him in a splint for the weekend. What was supposed to be a quick trip to the doctor during my plan time, ended up being an exhausting full and hectic day of craziness.

We took Nate to a pediatric ortho on the following Monday. He casted his leg and explained some things about Nate’s bones. Since Nate doesn’t bear any weight, he has lost bone density. The doctor said his bones are like an 80 year old woman’s. He has osteoporosis and I guess we shouldn’t be too surprised this happened. We go back to recheck in a week and Nate will probably be in the cast for 6 weeks.

Today I took him to get his ears rechecked, and he still has an infection and probably a sinus infection as well. So we’ll start another antibiotic and he’ll take it for 4 weeks. Hopefully by then his ears, sinuses and bones will all be healed!

Delaney – She loves kindergarten and learning! She’s making new friends and looks forward to school every morning. Delaney is also playing soccer. Well, she’s on a team and stands on the field in her uniform. Tomorrow night she will be cheering at the high school football game with all the elementary girls who have been at cheer camp with the high school cheerleaders this week. Delaney is ready for soccer to be over so she can start dance class at the Y. Dance is probably much more up her alley.

Well, that pretty much catches you up on the highlights. I’ll try my hardest to do better. We’ve been having some internet issues lately. And quite honestly, with my iPhone, I hardly ever get on my computer anymore. I guess if I could blog from my phone, I’d do it more often!

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