Friday, June 17, 2011

summer list 2011

I wasn’t going to do a summer list this year. The older girls think it’s lame and Nate and Delaney can’t really appreciate it. But I decided to go ahead anyway, because there are several things I’d really like to do this summer. And writing them down and posting them keeps me accountable.


In case you’re wondering about some of the things on the list, here are a few descriptions:

*Chicken Mary’s was featured on the Travel Channel’s show Food Wars, it’s a home-style restaurant in Pittsburgh, KS.

* Exploration Place is a hands-on children’s museum in Wichita.

*Milk paint – I want to make or purchase to paint a few different pieces of furniture I have around the house.

*Museum of World Treasures is another museum in Wichita.

*Caves – We plan to go to Missouri this summer and I would like to do a cave tour, either at Silver Dollar City or one of the drive through caves near Springfield.

*I know my family Jeremy will not be thrilled with the new weekly recipe. He’s not one who likes change. This week’s new recipe was Cedar Plank Smoked Salmon. No pictures to share, but I can tell you, it was yummy. I ate it all by myself (since Jeremy refuses to eat fish). He really had a hard time grilling it for me, but was a good sport!

I think most of the others are pretty self-explanatory. I’ll try to post pictures of the fun things we do this summer. And I have room to add more fun ideas (in case the teenagers decide a summer list isn’t all that lame!)

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