Sunday, June 26, 2011



Last week my grandma invited her granddaughters (and great-granddaughters) out for lunch. The beautiful girl with the big belly is my cousin Ashley. It was her birthday and she was 37 weeks pregnant. With twins!


Delaney was very interested in Ashley’s belly. She knows there are 2 babies in there. What an interesting concept that must be for a 3 year old!


Those babies aren’t in Ashley’s tummy anymore. They were born on Friday.


Brody Mac and Boston Mac. They are so perfect in every way!


It was great having 2 babies to pass around. That way we all got a turn. With no fighting.

Delaney is just beside herself waiting to hold Boston and Brody. I told her she has to wait until they get bigger. So she keeps saying, “Boston and Brody are getting bigger now?” Another concept her 3 year old mind hasn’t quite grasped.

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