Sunday, June 19, 2011

father’s day craft

I posted on my summer list that I want to find some toddler crafts. This is in an effort to keep Miss Delaney busy, and therefore, happy. I tend to park myself in front of the tv while she plays. And then when she’s bored and I’m totally into whatever I’m watching, she proceeds to run through the house like a tornado, leaving a path of destruction. The result is a messy house, a grumpy mom and an out-of-sorts toddler. So I figured, maybe we need a little more structure around here. Hopefully a few crafts here and there will do the trick.

This week, Delaney helped make a card for her daddy for Father’s Day.



The picture on the left is Delaney. The one on the right is her daddy. You could probably tell by the glasses! And you’ll notice she is beginning to put clothes on some of her drawings (the little shape under the head that is attached to the legs are the clothes).

Happy Father’s Day to Jeremy, the best husband and perfect daddy for my kids!
Happy Father’s Day to my dad, the best dad I could’ve had…perfect, like me!! Ha!
Happy Father’s Day to my father-in-law, Chuck. Thanks for raising such an awesome kid!!

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