Tuesday, April 26, 2011

passport fiasco

Anything involving a government agency is rarely easy. And our experience with getting Brianna’s passport has been no exception.

Bri is joining other youth from our church on a mission trip this summer to Canada. So she needs a passport (we opted for the passport card…a cheaper version that will get you into Mexico and Canada). I took a day off work and took her out of school. Filled out the necessary paperwork. Collected and copied the necessary documents. And had the passport agency/post office take her photo. Everything was sent in and we waited.

A couple of weeks ago (just hours before the possible government shut-down), we received a letter stating that the photos we submitted (taken by the passport agent) were not the correct size. And they didn’t have all the needed documentation (my signature and copy of my driver’s license). You would think that the lady at the post office, who collected all our information, would have made sure we had everything we needed. And the passport website only states that a parent needs to show an id (which I did) for a child 16 or 17.

So we opted to get her picture retake at Walgreens. It’s cheaper than the post office and much more convenient. Well wouldn’t you know that when we got home and measured her picture, it wasn’t the correct size! It has to be between one inch and one and 3/8 inches from chin to the top of her head. It was 1 and a half! So we had to go back to Walgreens. The third time was a charm, for her picture anyway. I’ve resubmitted all they requested and I’m hoping and praying that everything goes smoothly from here on out.

If you ever get your picture taken for a passport, I suggest taking along a ruler!

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