Sunday, April 10, 2011

birthday party…very belated

I really don’t know where the time went last week! But here it is, more than a week past Delaney’s birthday, and I’m finally getting around to posting a few pictures.


We started out with some good ol’ processed food at Burger King. I was feeling like an awesome mom when she opted for chocolate milk rather than pop, though. It’s the small victories that count, right?


And really the reason we picked Burger King was for the play area. She had a great time climbing and sliding and burning off her energy!


Then we headed to the Y for a little swimming. There’s a great family indoor pool and Delaney had so much fun. She loves to swim and I feel guilty that we didn’t take her there all winter. But now I’m pumped for summer and heading the the outdoor pool! Oh, and this was our first time swimming without a swim diaper!!


We ended the evening at Baskin Robbins. She wanted strawberry ice cream and I ordered hers in a dish. Then I ordered myself a strawberry cone. You can see what she ended up eating.

It was a perfect day for a three year old! I hope she’ll always be happy spending her birthdays with mom and dad!

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