Wednesday, March 16, 2011

day 5

Today did not get off to a great start. With the time change and shuffling kids from place to place, Delaney’s schedule has gotten crazy. Our child that is normally in bed by 8:00 (at the latest…usually closer to 7:45) has been up until 10:00 or later every night this week. Which makes mornings nearly unbearable. So I was running later than I’d like to be to get to work this morning. And we’re in the midst of state testing, which is stressful enough, without the added “child in the hospital” scenario. I got to work and was scrambling to gather laptops from various classrooms for testing, finding some hadn’t been charged overnight, when I got a call from Jeremy letting me know that the doctors felt like Nate hadn’t improved as much as they had hoped at this point. Apparently pseudomonas (the bacteria we’re dealing with at this point) can be very difficult to treat. The resident was trying decide if they should try a different antibiotic, and with a penicillin allergy, he wasn’t sure the best route for treatment. This was NOT the news I needed to hear at this particular moment.

I was sharing the report with my student teacher, when she reminded me that God is in charge and he is the ultimate healer. Her words were much more eloquent than what I just wrote, and were exactly what I needed to hear at that moment. I was able to make it through the day and on the way to the hospital after work, Jeremy updated me on the latest.

Nate’s pediatrician wanted to see a chest x-ray before trying a different antibiotic. And the x-ray showed improvement. Great news! No need for a change in treatment. I was instantly reminded of my student teacher’s words. Also, after being on 60% oxygen throughout most of the day, he was able to go down to 36% by late afternoon. He was back up to 40% when I left the hospital, but I was pleased with this little bit of progress. He is having some tummy issues (distended stomach and yucky stools). We’re not sure if it’s from the antibiotic or from restarting his feedings or both. We’ve gone to half as much food every 2 hours to hopefully take care of this. Nate slept peacefully most of the day, which is just what his body needs.

Healing a child with respiratory issues is a long process. The care has been better since that first day. But we are growing weary. And darn it, doesn’t Nate realize that spring break is just 2 days away? He really needs to get well so we all can enjoy next week!

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  1. Marcie...I have a sick little boy this week too. But after reading your blog...I feel like such a whimp! I have missed work and activities worrying about a little virus. You have such strength. I can't even imagine what you are dealing with on a good day, let alone while your little guy is in the hospital. I am praying for Nate's speedy recovery and for you. God is good. Your student teacher has great wisdom.