Tuesday, March 15, 2011

37 years plus one day

Yesterday was my birthday. Not the first spent at the hospital. And chances are it won’t be the last. So is the life of parents with a chronically ill child.

Jeremy surprised me with this…


He ordered it from here. What a great guy! I absolutely LOVE it!

And I received some other great things to add to my dining room/kitchen. I can’t wait to share pictures of those with you too. As soon as life settles down and gets back to our normal.

Nate is showing much improvement. He’ll probably be here until the end of the week, but he’s slowly getting better. One of his cultures showed pseudomonas. Don’t ask me what that is exactly, but I’ve heard it mentioned often on my tracheostomy support board. It’s a bacteria and is apparently common in kids with trachs. But at least it can be treated with an antibiotic.

Today we fed Nate for the first time since his admittance. I feel like that is at least a step in the right direction. He’s still on quite a bit of oxygen, but the respiratory therapist reported that the pneumonia is breaking up.

Nate’s teacher came up for a visit after school and read him his favorite book. He stayed awake long enough for her to get through the book, and even smiled a couple of times. Something I haven’t seen for several days.

So that about sums up the past 24 hours. We’re juggling hospital stays, work and the other kids’ schedules. Thank goodness we have our parents nearby to help. They have been a tremendous blessing this week.

Thanks for your continued prayers, love and support!

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  1. The necklace is ADORABLE and very sweet! I'm glad to hear that Nate is improving as well! You are such an awesome mom who handles all of life's challenges with such grace!