Friday, March 18, 2011

all the good wishes helped

Nate’s friends at school made a sign to hang in his hospital room. And  a few kids made get well cards. These sure brightened up Nate’s room!




In case you can’t read first grade phonetic spelling, this says, “I see you are sick. Here is a note.” Too cute!

IMAG0062 IMAG0063


Nate’s also had several visitors throughout the week. His home health nurse has been up several times and brought some yummy snacks for us and the monkey stuffed animal for Nate. The stuffed bear is from Nate’s care attendant who takes care of him on Sundays while we are in church. The Bakugon toy (no idea how to spell that) is from my dad’s co-workers.

All the visits, well-wishes and gifts did the trick. Because Nate is heading home today!!! The best news all week!

Jeremy told the doctor this morning that he thought Nate was ready to go home. They agreed. (I wonder how long they would have made us stay if he didn’t say anything this morning.)

Thanks again for the prayers and love! Here’s to a healthy spring!!

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