Wednesday, December 15, 2010

now THAT’S an ugly sweater!


Allison performed with the dance team at the basketball game last night. It was a Christmas routine, performed to All I Want for Christmas is You. And to add to the holiday cheer, the girls wore Santa hats and…

UGLY Christmas sweaters.



We had a heck of a time finding a Christmas sweater on short notice. I think all my Christmas sweaters went out with the 90’s. But Allison was able to borrow one from another girl’s mom. Too bad we don’t live closer to Jason and Molly. I do believe Jason found a lovely Christmas sweater last year in our parents’ basement (our mom is sort of a hoarder…in a fun and convenient to find stuff kind of way).

So just in case you have a tacky Christmas sweater hanging in the back of your closet, keep it around. Because you never know when your teenage kids may need it. (Ok, Mom. Now I understand your hoarding!)

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