Tuesday, December 28, 2010

mccoskey christmas

Traditionally, we have always celebrated Christmas with my mom’s family on Christmas Day. This year, my mom invited everyone to her house to get together a few days before Christmas. And we had a great time!


Delaney with my cousin, Ashley (who is expecting twins in June!!!)


Curtis’s daughters-in-law, Ashley and Emilee. And Curtis’s wife Kristen.


Curtis is holding Delaney. I think he had to bribe her with sweet treats to get on his lap.


A new doll from G.G.


Ashley’s daughter, Emma and some of Curtis’s kids…Lyvette, Ryan and Sean.


Bri with some of Curtis’s other kids (boy he has a lot of kids!!), Phillip and Kyle.

It was a great chance to see my cousins. A few were missed, but most were able to make it. What a great start to our Christmas celebrations!

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