Sunday, September 12, 2010

teen drivers

It’s always nerve-wracking to send your teenager out on the road for the first time. Without you. Heck it’s nerve-wracking when you are in the car. But I’m a control person. I like to be in control at all times. And even just sitting in the passenger seat while my kid is driving is enough control to put me at ease. Most of the time.

Brianna has been driving to school for about 3 weeks now. And I think it’s going pretty well. So far I’ve had one phone call that her car won’t start and she thinks she needs a new engine. Yeah, she knows about as much about cars as Jeremy and I do. Turns out she drained her battery when she left the lights on all day. Ok, so Jeremy and I know a just a little bit more about cars than she does! So after a new battery, the car is good as new (well, not quite, but it starts) and she is back in business.

And I think she’s done ok on the roads. We are about 3 blocks from the school, but we make her take the long way, so she only has to make right hand turns. My little way to control things.


Yeah, that’s Allison in the back seat. Turns out someone told her the safest place in the car is behind the driver. So that’s where she chooses to sit. Her little way to control things, I guess.

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  1. I think the picture of the girls is hilarious! Alison is too cute.