Tuesday, September 14, 2010

it’s important to always look your best

To have the perfect pair of shoes. And accessories. You’re never too young to learn about these things!

IMG_6056 IMG_6057


It’s especially important when you have big plans. Like hanging out in the backyard.

IMG_6064 IMG_6068

IMG_6075 IMG_6077

Or maneuvering the downspout to reach your destination. (Why she chose that spot to “cross over” the yard, I’ll never understand. Maybe the girl just likes a challenge.)



Yes, you always want to look your best. Even if you’re just swinging in the backyard.

Thank you Molly for the fabulous accessories. Delaney is having a ball!!

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  1. Those are the CUTEST dress up shoes I have EVER seen! She is such a cutie!