Sunday, February 21, 2010


Being a parent brings on many challenges. With 4 kids, I should know. And if there’s one thing I’ve learned, with each child comes its own new set of challenges.

With Brianna, it was climbing out of bed and biting.

With Allison, well…that was a blur because I had two little ones, so close in age. And I was going to school full-time. She must have raised herself for all I can remember.

With Nate, it was learning all about his medical needs and disabilities.

And with Delaney, where do I even begin?

One of my most recent motherhood challenges is undressing. Delaney is obsessed with removing her clothes. It started several months ago when she realized she could unzip her blanket sleepers in the morning while she waited for mommy and daddy to wake up. We’d come into her room to find her stripped down naked and often, soaking wet.

Nothing a little safety pin through the zipper pull couldn’t fix.

But now it’s happening at naptime. She takes off her pants, removes her diaper, puts her pants back on (sometimes inside out) and then wakes up soaking wet. This has happened twice in 3 days. What’s a worn out mom to do? We’re going to try pull-ups at naptime and see if that makes a difference. If not, my next idea is duct tape. It does come in fashionable colors, at least!

My other Delaney challenge is hair twirling. As cute as it is to see her suck her thumb and twirl her hair, the result is less than adorable. Let me tell you, this girl not only twirls her hair, she weaves it into a tight knot. And so now, not once, but twice I’ve had to cut out a chunk of hair. I don’t know how she expects to grow long, beautiful locks if I have to keep chopping it off!

Even with all the challenges, motherhood is so worth it. Yes, it can be exhausting, but if it weren’t for all their orneriness, what would I ever blog about?

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  1. You know, Duct Tape does come in some bright colors now if you check at Hobby Lobby! :) Just kidding of course! Good luck and we're all in this together on this motherhood thing. That's why God gives us a LOT of grace!