Wednesday, February 3, 2010

going “all in”

Jeremy hosts a monthly poker game with a group of friends and family members. It’s pretty much the equivalent of Bunco, as far as “gambling” goes.

This summer, Jeremy decided to build a poker table, which was a huge undertaking. But as usual, his efforts impressed even me. Who knew how handy he actually was!!!

Funny story…during the building process, Jeremy needed to borrow some tools from my grandma’s shed. And because he didn’t want to possibly offend her by letting her know he was building a poker table, he told her he was building a table. So she was very curious about this piece of furniture he was building. My mom spilled the beans. And Grandma wasn’t even offended.

See, he’s handy and considerate!




Delaney was checking out the table prior to the weekend game.

No worries, no actual gambling took place while taking these pictures!

1 comment:

  1. Wow...I am impressed.

    Tell him we are going to talk about gambling in SS this Sunday..haha. totally kidding.

    Little miss cutie looks like such a big girl!