Saturday, February 13, 2010

did you know…


that I hate going new places?

I get very nervous if I have to go somewhere new. When I was in college, I would go to the campus before the first day of classes and walk around until I found each classroom. I’m ok with new places, as long as I’m with someone else. Like going to a farmer’s market. Or trying a new restaurant. Or going to the new Y. But on my own, I’m a nervous wreck.

that I dislike making phone calls?

Now I don’t mind talking to a friend or my mom. But I hate calling to make appointments. Or to straighten out an incorrect bill. Or argue with insurance or medical supply companies. I leave those phone calls to Jeremy.

that my husband does all the laundry?

I think the laundry duty started when Jeremy was going to school full-time and working part-time, which left him at home 2 or 3 days during the week. And so he would do the laundry during those days. Well, it’s just stuck. I think he has certain ways he wants to do things and doesn’t like my system, so it’s his little control thing. Fine by me! It’s like having a little magical fairy that delivers clean undies to my drawer every weekend.

that I’m a particular eater?

I prefer the label “particular” over picky. I’m not a huge fan of bread. I’ll eat rolls or croissants or crusty french-type breads. But no sandwich bread or hamburger buns for me. I hate bananas but wish I liked them. I think that’s the only fruit I don’t like. I like banana bread but not plain bananas. Raisins are gross. There’s nothing worse than raisins ruining perfectly good oatmeal cookies!! I don’t drink milk and therefore don’t eat cereal. But granola bars work fine for breakfast for me.

that I’ve had to lie to my husband on more than one occasion regarding the ingredients in certain meals?

That’s because he’s picky!! Especially with cheese. Mild cheddar or mozzarella only. Kroger brand. No sour cream. No cream cheese. And heaven forbid someone might throw some Velveeta in there. And do you know how many good great recipes call for cheeses other than mild cheddar? So I used to hide the recipe card, bury the containers in the trash and lie. Now I pretty much modify the recipes to fit his preferences or make two separate dishes. That’s what a great wife I am!

that I rarely cry?

And sometimes that’s nice because I can hold my composure (or at least pretend like I am). But sometimes, like at funerals, I feel guilty if I don’t cry. Like people with think I don’t have a heart. But I assure you, I do have a heart. And lots of compassion. And I do grieve. Just in my own way. And once in awhile, you might actually see my eyes well up. Especially if I’m watching a Nicholas Sparks’ movie.

So there’s a few random things about me that you may not have already known. If you did, then sorry to have bored you and I’ll try to come up with something exciting and new for next time.

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  1. Fun! thanks for sharing a little bit about yourself. :)