Tuesday, November 10, 2009

you mean they're going to kill the pig?

Sunday was Orphan Sunday, a cause that is supported by our church. And as part of Orphan Sunday, our church was helping to raise money to purchase livestock (cows, goats and pigs) to feed the orphans in Bukaleba, Uganda.
So after church, I asked Allison if she'd like to purchase an animal and she chose a pig. She even got to pick out a cute little paper pig to paste on the bulletin board, representing our donation.
I wrote my check and we headed to the parking lot, happy to have helped in a tiny little way.

As we walked to the van, we were talking about Bukaleba and how they have a pasture near the orphanage for the livestock to graze. And then they will use those animals to feed the orphans.
Allison cries out, "You mean they're going to kill our pig?" Apparently she thought we were rescuing animals. But once I reminded her that by killing "our" pig, they will be saving a human child, she came around.

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  1. Sorry to Allison regarding her pig. Maybe her piggy will be used to make more piggies instead...

    That is kinda funny though.