Thursday, November 5, 2009

a WICKED good time!!

As soon as I found out that Wicked was coming to Wichita, I wanted to go.
And then I saw the price of tickets. And tried to put the wicked thoughts out of my mind.
Pretty hard to do when EVERYONE you know (I'm learning to talk like a teenager again!!) is seeing it and raving about it.

So I was really excited when my sister-in-law, Jessica and Nate's nurse, Melissa invited me to go see the show this week (in it's final days). They had a plan.
Each day, a couple of hours before the show, there is a lotto for a limited number of cheap tickets. Cash only. Limit two. Well that wouldn't work since there were 3 of us. But we'd heard (from my mother-in-law) that they sell unsold tickets at a discounted rate following the lotto. Jessica and Melissa were going to be at the ticket office and buy those tickets. Perfect plan, right?

Well, not so much. Once they got there, they saw about a thousand other people waiting in line for the lotto, panicked, and bought full price tickets.
I didn't mind. It was totally worth the moolah. The exact amount of one month's golf membership, by the way. Ironic?

Our seats were about 5 rows back in the balcony. We could hear perfectly and see everything except the actors' faces. A very small price to pay for last minute tickets to a sold-out show!

And what a show it was!!

The Wizard of Oz is probably my favorite musical. And Wicked gives it such a cool, new twist! I totally loved the characters. The songs. The special effects. Wow!!

Before the show, we went out to dinner.
What a FUN girls' night out! And so much more enjoyable than dragging an unwilling husband, who absolutely hates anything with singing and dancing.

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  1. Wasn't it AWESOME!! I just got home from my girls night out to see Wicked. Fabulous Show!