Tuesday, November 3, 2009

photo shoot with the kiddos

I've been wanting to get a picture of the four kids for quite some time. But it just never really worked out for one reason or another.
Until Sunday, when everyone was well and home and semi willing.
So I coaxed the troops out to the front yard to give it a go. Bri informed me that I had 5 minutes. Wow...talk about pressure!!

Well, this is how it started out...

So I called for reinforcements...

It's amazing how candy will work wonders!
Daddy would give her a smarty and then we'd say, "Go lay down by Alli."

Sometimes she'd lay down in a random place in the yard. I never said her listening skills were perfect!!
Well, eventually I got a few good shots. Which was no easy task with 4 kids!

And I think I even stayed pretty close to my 5 minute time limit!!!


  1. Trying to get pictures at this age is quite a task, but you got some excellent shots, and I LOVE the Smarties trick - that's classic! It looks like Delaney is just cracking up in some of those pictures - I love it.

  2. What beautiful kids! I love the shots of Delaney FLASHING by. How funny!!