Friday, February 20, 2015

that awkward moment...

 About a year ago I was selected as teacher of the year for my school district. Obviously I wasn't chosen as Kansas Teacher of the Year (because I would have been bragging all over the place about that), but it's been a great experience to be part of the Teacher of the Year organization. Most recently, I attended the KEEN (Kansas Exemplary Educators Network) Convention in Topeka with a co-worker and very good friend who was also Teacher of the Year for our district several years ago. As we were walking through the hotel on the first day of the conference, a man in a suit approached us and asked if we were part of the KEEN convention. We told him we were and he asked if we would step into a room for a photo. Thinking he was taking some publicity shots for the conference, We agreed and followed him into the conference room where about 5 guys in suits and a couple of ladies were waiting. They were with the Milken Educator Awards. They said they wanted to do the picture in front of the wall across the room, so we set our purses down and followed them to the photo spot and got ready to smile for our picture. Suddenly the guy tells us he wanted US to take THEIR picture. How unbelievably embarrassing! Can you imagine us standing there posing for a picture? More importantly, can you imagine what the heck they were thinking? That Milken guy really needs to work on his communication skills because he did NOT ask us if we would come in and take his picture. Milken people, you're welcome for the comic relief we brought to your week. I hope you enjoyed your laugh. And if you're on social media this week and happen to see a picture of the Milken Educators at the KEEN Convention, maybe you'll laugh too.  

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