Monday, February 16, 2015

how we do valentine's day

Valentine's Day is pretty low key around here. Last year I went all out "Pinterest style". Delaney had cute Valentines with Pop Rocks and a fun saying. We made burlap labels for mason jars filled with Hershey's kisses for the teachers. You get the picture, right? This year I decided to forgo the fun and cutesy stuff and (gasp) sent store-bought Valentines with the kids. And you know what? They SURVIVED! And I wasn't humiliated! What a relief to not have to live up to the Pinterest standards that have been set. 

Nate had to create a landmark for his Valentine box. Thankfully, his para and nurse helped him with this at school. It's the historic log cabin from our little town. It turned out really cute. And I didn't have to do anything. Even better!

Now while I am secretly boycotting Pinterest, my room mom isn't. She planned a fabulous party for my third graders, complete with a cool experiment. 

So now just imagine this times six being poured down the sink in my classroom. There may possibly be some plumbing problems at my school. Oops. But it was pretty cool anyway. 

Bri went back to work on Valentine's Day so we took care of sweet Addison. And we picked up heart-shaped pizza from Papa Murphy's. 

Pretty perfect Valentine's Day if you ask me!!!


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