Sunday, March 24, 2013

week-end review

Our Spring Break has come to an end. Here’s how we spent the last couple of days of our coveted week of vacation. First, the good:

Photo 63

The saw The Croods with Bri and Delaney. It was an excellent movie. Delaney laughed out loud the  entire time!

Photo 64 

Jeremy’s parents took us out to dinner at Genghis Grill. Yum!! Delaney even used chop sticks!

Photo 65

Then, as though we weren’t full enough, we had a little fro yo at Orange Leaf. Double Yum!!

Photo 66

We had an old iPod touch that no one was using so we set it up for Delaney. She LOVES it! She calls it her phone. And not to worry, she has several educational apps on there, so she’s not rotting her brain!


Our Saturday night ended with a HUGE Shocker victory over Gonzaga!!! WSU is going to the Sweet Sixteen! The perfect ending to an already great week!!

And now for the bad:

Our cat Jinx has disappeared. She’s an indoor cat that liked to escape to the great outdoors every chance she got. Apparently she got out and we didn’t realize it. And she hasn’t returned. So sad! But our friends and family might be a tiny bit relieved because they were not so fond of our sweet Jinx who had been nicknamed Psycho Kitty.

P.S. We woke up to about 5 inches of snow today! I love snow and am totally fine with hibernating on cold and snowy days! I just wish it would have come a day later and extended our break a teeny bit more!

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