Wednesday, August 22, 2012

family photos

For Christmas I vainly decided to give my in-laws a ginormous canvas of our family. As soon as I placed the order, I started to feel weird about giving them such a large picture of just our family. Well, several months later, all is well. We had another photo with my hubby’s family, so now they can order matching canvases to include the rest of the family. And now it won’t look like we’re the favorites!

IMG_2395 IMG_2408 (2) IMG_2410 IMG_2419 IMG_2422 IMG_2425 IMG_2430

IMG_2440 (2)


  1. Wonderful pics!! Thank you so much! Vicki

  2. Marcie, I love these pics! I've returned to look at
    them numerous times...Thanks again
    for your graciousness and patience in making
    our photo op happen. Vicki