Thursday, August 16, 2012

back to school

I’ve neglected the blog for the last couple of weeks as summer was winding down. I was busy trying to enjoy my last days at the pool. And busy getting my classroom set up. And I was extremely busy stalking all the creativity on Pinterest.


We had our “Meet the Teacher” night on Monday. I gave these bags of microwave popcorn to my students. Thank you Pinterest! And my students thank you, too!


These are my math manipulatives. And I want you to notice the super cute drawers on the rolling cart. {Pinterest}


Extra storage and seating. Another fabulous idea from you know where. They are made from crates, plywood, batting and fabric. The kids love them!!


I actually came up with this idea all by myself. Amazing!! As you can see, the kids aren’t learning anything today.


This board to keep track of “no name” papers was found on Pinterest as well.


Hi. My name is Marcie. And I’m addicted to books.

This is my very favorite place in my classroom. I have my books sorted by themes, genre and/or levels. It is so fun to see how excited the kids are to find a book to read. I hope it will be their favorite spot in the classroom as well!


I tried a different formation for my desks this year. I think I’ll like it. I love standing in the middle and quickly being able to help any student. So far I’m spending most of my time picking up their pencils and erasers off the floor. Apparently having a desk in front of you helps keep your supplies off the floor. Who knew?


Bloom’s Taxonomy…it’s a teacher thing.


So there’s a quick tour of my classroom. Room 306. My home away from home.

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