Friday, May 25, 2012

my first project of the summer…

My mom came over one afternoon a few weeks ago and helped me clean up my flower beds and gardens. That inspired me to tackle a huge project.

We have an old shed on the south side of our house. It has our lawn mower and a bunch of old stuff from previous owners, so I rarely even go over there. And behind this shed a jungle has been growing:



This was after a couple of hours of work, believe it or not.

I had a vision of putting a children’s garden back there, once it was cleaned up.


And low and behold…it was once a garden! It’s edged all along 2 sides. And I even found a stepping stone path that had been completely covered up by overgrowth!


The next phase was painting the back of the shed.


Then I painted these flowers using a stencil (borrowed from my mom). By the way, she was instrumental in completing the clean up! She and I spent several hours Monday morning working back there. I ended up with poison ivy on both arms. Ouch!


While we were stenciling the flowers, Delaney wanted to paint. So I let her paint a rock. This made her day!


This is definitely a work in progress. Hopefully I’ll have more to post next week.

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!

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