Wednesday, April 18, 2012

birthday wishes for the middle child

Today is my brother Jason’s birthday.

Honestly, if it weren’t for him, we wouldn’t have any good stories in our family.

Like when we went to the beach and he got salt water in his mouth. And he threw up on our mom’s shoulder (unbeknownst to her). And then she laid out on the beach for hours, with vomit baking on her shoulder.

Or when he pushed a stranger into the swimming pool thinking it was our dad. And the stranger was wearing clothes. Oops!

Or when he got sick on vacation and his eyes turned blood red. So he had to wear old lady sunglasses over his glasses so no one would see how horrible his eyes looked. And then he threw up all over the table at Denny’s. (I’m seeing a vomiting trend.)

Or when he was sunbathing at his apartment swimming pool and decided to get into the pool. It was a heart-shaped pool and there were kids playing on the steps on one of the “humps” so he walked over to the other “hump” to casually step in. But there weren’t any steps on that side, so he just fell in and went clear to the middle of the pool, sputtering and choking, since he doesn’t know how to swim!

Yeah, if it weren’t for Jason, there wouldn’t be any good stories to tell.

Happy Birthday, Jason. And thanks for all the laughs!

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