Wednesday, March 14, 2012

i’m feeling old

And it’s not really because of the number of candles on my cake (today is my birthday. I’m still thirty-something. For two more years.) It’s because my two oldest daughters are old enough to camp out all night at McDonald’s. Tomorrow morning (5 am) is the grand re-opening of McD’s here in town and they are giving away one meal a week for a year for the first 100 customers. My girls are planning to be 2 of the lucky recipients.

I remember staying out all night for concert tickets. The memories from standing in line were way better than the actual concert. I’m sure it will be the same for them. They’ll remember sitting in the drive-thru all night with their friends for much longer than they’ll remember those free McNuggets!

How can I have teenagers who are old enough to travel without me? And hang out all night at a fast-food restaurant? And go to prom?

Wow! I’m feeling old!!

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