Sunday, March 25, 2012

home sweet home and happy birthday

Bri and I arrived home after a fabulous week in Washinton, DC, just in time to celebrate Nate’s 9th birthday.

We left on Monday afternoon, in the pouring rain. Our group took 2 charter buses and drove straight through, only stopping for potty breaks and meals. We had breakfast in Columbus, OH and found that our bus was leaking transmission fluid. Not good. It had to be towed and another bus company took over to get us to DC. That delay got us to our destination around 8 Tuesday night. Imagine 80 teenagers and 20 adults who haven’t showered in 36 hours. Not pleasant!

Our ride home was much better. I actually slept a good part of the night. I think it was sheer exhaustion that allowed me to sleep. I’ll share more about our time in DC throughout the coming week. Until then, here are a few pictures of the birthday boy:





We didn’t do anything special for his birthday this year. One of the downfalls of him momma being out of town the week before his b-day. But Gaga and Papa came by to bring him his gift and wish him a happy day.

Nine years!! WOW!!!

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