Wednesday, August 10, 2011

last day

Today was my last day of summer vaca. So I ended it with a bang! I stayed in my jammies until well after 9:00. Normally I’m up and walking by 8, but this morning we were blessed with thunderstorms and rain. Hallelujah!!

I took Delaney to a nail salon and we got pedicures.


Delaney chose blue sparkly polish. I opted for Chick Flick Cherry. Which is just a fancy way of saying dark red.

Then this evening I went out to dinner and a movie with 4 of my best friends. We saw The Help, which was as excellent as the book. Definitely a must-see!!

And after weeks and weeks of record high temperatures, we saw much cooler weather with the rain today. I even wore jeans!

I have to say this was a great end to summer. Now I think I’m mentally ready for another school year!

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  1. Sounds like a fantastic way to end the summer. I have to say I'm jealous though...8? I'll be up before 6 to get ready for school. And I loved you before/after pics of your classroom. I meant to take a before pic of mine yesterday because no one would believe where the custodians threw my furniture, but I forgot the camera.