Sunday, August 21, 2011

first week back to school was a good one

I think it’s going to be a great year. I have 18 of the best third graders around. And trust me, there are very few years I can say that.

Brianna started her junior year and actually did homework without being forced reminded.

Allison started her sophomore year. I’ve already had to contact the counselor to get her switched out of debate and forensics. The weekend tournaments and workshops were not something I was willing to commit to when she wasn’t interested in participating. Now she’s in aerobics. She’s happy, which makes us all happy!

Nate is in second grade. His primary home health nurse is going back to school, so we’ve spent the last couple of months getting acquainted with a new nurse. She accompanies him to school and so far everything has been fine. Except for a seizure on the first day. Nothing like starting the school year with a bang!

Jeremy is now in fifth grade (teaching) and thinks it will be a good change. He was amazed at what fifth graders can do in the beginning of the year, as opposed to the third graders he’s used to. Learning new curriculum will be a challenge, but I’m sure he’ll be phenomenal.

Delaney will begin preschool on September 6. That’s the day after Labor Day, and the day after my dad’s birthday. So about 10 times everyday she asks, “Is it Papa’s birthday yet?” She just has to wait about 2 more weeks.

But today she was promoted from the nursery at church to the preschool Sunday School class. I remember when Bri and Allison were being promoted at church. It’s hard to believe that we’re now doing this with our baby girl.


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