Saturday, July 23, 2011


We just got home from a quick getaway with the girls. We spent a couple of nights with my grandparents in Springfield, MO, ate at some of our favorite eateries (Fuddrucker’s, Springfield Cashew Chicken, Chick-fil-A), and spent a couple of days in Branson.

While in Branson, we went to Silver Dollar City. Delaney loved the rides! She is quite the thrill seeker. She rode roller coasters, water rides and especially loved riding the horses on the carousel!

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After 4 hours in the hot, steamy park, Delaney was ready to call it a day. We left Silver Dollar City, checked into our hotel, swam, showered, ate dinner and went to the Titanic Museum. No pictures allowed, but a neat place.

sdc5 sdc6

sdc8 After Titanic, Jeremy, Bri and Delaney rode go-carts. Delaney loved it and if it looks like she was pouting, it’s because she doesn’t want the ride to be over!

sdc10 We headed back to SDC the next day and spent a full day riding rides. It was another scorcher!


Before leaving the park, we went on a tour of Marvel Cave. It’s the deepest cave in Missouri and they gave plenty of warning prior to the tour about the strenuous walk involved. I had been in the cave before as a kid, but you get a new perspective as a mom of a toddler. It was the most nerve-wracking experience! Jeremy carried Delaney and she eventually fell asleep, so he was carrying her limp body down steep, wet steps. I was so nervous that her little body would just fall out of his arms and over the low rails. My stomach still hurts when I think about it.


I didn’t take my camera and my phone didn’t take great pictures. But trust me, the cave was deep. But it did give us some relief from the 100 + temps outside. It is 60 degrees in the cave year-round. A real bonus in the heat of the summer.

It was great to get away, even if only for 3 nights. We left Nate at home in the care of his nurses and grandmas, which provided us with some much needed respite!

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